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Garage Beer Co.

Berliner Weisse

7.7% ABV

Black Forest Gateau inspired, luxurious sour. Packed full of cherries, raspberries, vanilla beans and cacao nibs. Bursting with flavours of this wintery dessert, but with the bright fresjhness of a Garage sour. Backflips drinks with a more balanced acidity than we normally shoot for to allow the other flavours to have their time in the limelight. A pale sour base with plenty of Munich malt and a touch of Biscuit and Caramel Malts give this beer some chewy pie crust vibes. Aromas of red berries, chocolate and vanilla sit in harmony with an extremely rich body from lashings of flaked oats and just enough lactose to give an incredibly smooth and decadent feel while the acidity is just enough to stop things getting too sweet.